Lessons from the past, Execution for the future. 365 Days of Dsicipline

Alright! It is Currently December 31st! On to the New Year.
Today, after sleeping I was met with hopefully one of my strongest insights. That of guilt.
I felt guilty for a lot of my mistake in the past, and it really, really held me back like no other. I absolutely will let go of the guilty feeligns in the past, and allow myself to love myself for who I am. and for my mindset and immense confidence.

This is a very powerful idea because everyone makes mistakes, however, you can best serve your family by ignoring you past mistakes and continuing to play the game.

Also, forget about authenticity, and being fearless, it really is more all about playing the game. and when you hang with mantas, make sure you know that you really don’t care about him, and can beat him in any verbal match.

This year, stop trying to be authentic, and play the game a lot better.
The 30 day challenges will be accompinied with strong and confident thoughts.

Next time I will act with the confidence of knowing that I will always be able to handle it in the case of thinking about the party and being on my best game for the Christmas.

I have and I will get into the habit of liking all of my friends social media post automatcally, this will held me give love, and get more momentum going forward in my own escapades. I will do this instantly no matter the position I am in. My current circumstances are not an excuse.

This is very important, I plan to use the phrase ” I’ll handle it” in my daily self talk, literally every single day, in order to move forward, progress, and do the hard things in life! Of 2019! I really, really will.

Biggest #1 thingto change in 2019, will be action mindset, absolutely, no other change from this one, all this mindset stuff is great, but the mindset of execution, is a lot a lot more important and effective.

No compormises. Also, All failure is rooted in compormoise, and that just won’t happen no sir!

Goals for this year. Monk Mode, No social media, no absolutely No worrying. only positvie action, no anger, no Negatvitiy. Only positivity, instead of fearlesness, focus on positvity.

My one measurable #1 thing I work on is that I should be and will let the past go away. and will fearlessly embrace the chaos that is now. No, My #1 REsolution this year, Is to do the hard things.
First day ever, and I am disicpling myself to do the hard thigns in life. I don’t need to fear things, as much as I need to fight in order discipline myself and actually get what I want to and need in this life. Focsu on fearlessness, not discpline, because that is the means of how to get what you what

High Performence Systems of the 1%. My Systems and targets for July 1st level. August 2nd Level. September 3rd Level.


  1. Productivity
  2. Read the Pillars of an Ascendent Mind
  3. Read and apply the Res tof Rapid Learner
  4. Read Study Sless, Learn more
  5. 30 minutes a day of practice of application of the principles in quick learning.
  6. Make it a habit to stick with 1 final productivity system for the rest of the year. Follow the system no matter the cost
  7. Read the 80/20 rule
  8. Listen to taking control of your life self talk
  9. Keep adding to your Life plan.
  10. Put more work into leeping, and setting up a better environment – Clean room, clean laptop
  11. Organize ALL of your stuff, Redo your entire room, and stuff, throw out 80% of the stuff
  12. Read Minimalism + Essentialism
1st. Degree – Base – Guaranteed Behavior
-Every text, email person, addressed IMMEDIATELY! -RapidFire Progress -First thing that comes to mind, For my Approach to Everything till 28. 2nd Degree – Progress – System implementation
-Plan Every minute of your year. -Complete the hardest things in the early morning. -Public declarations of projects, and commimtnets 3rd degree – Best Case scenario, Last to Implement
-Organize someone in India to be my personal manager -Slowly Automate Literally Everything

Lowest base how will I introduce.

  • Relationships

-Read Laws of Human Nature

-Read Social Intelligence

-Send 5 things you are grateful about to other people

-Learn peoples Heart Desires, and find a way you can gift them

-Complete overview of Everyones numerology

-Setup a Kulbis group

-Gain many Options For The Top Girls

-Post many memes on facebook.

-Read the Gist languages

-Read a book about Inner Peace

-Plan a lot of fun trips in the future with others.

1st. Degree – Base – Guaranteed Behavior
-Always Post Happy Birthday on their wall -Upload all old picutes, every single one, no matter what stay engage, and just keep pushing.
-Every text, email person, addressed IMMEDIATELY!
-Proactively invite people, the more the marrier
2nd Degree – Progress – System implementation
-Create and replace old instgram with travler type.
-Check in with one person every day, send a fb message before noon, and just ask about them, that’s all, you gotta do to get ball rolling.
-Read, and implement how to text a girl, and check in, with the 5 girls you like. -> Harem
-Constatnly control Events for the Next Year for studentai, Always post more than the other guy.
3rd degree – Best Case scenario, Last to Implement
-Your own political group, support to your personal causes in Litthuanian blockchain + Gov
-Have an island, once a year, where all the girls and come nd have some fun parties at these places. -Many of the High political members owe you favors, you use them to implement your blockchain SM comp

3) Finances

-Read the Richest Man in Babloyn

-Reread WSP

– Read Felix Dennis

-Set up and use Personal Capital software

-Setup tracking devices on all purchases made

-Learn 5 diferent finace terms a day.

-Learn and apply 5 difernt chart progression a day

-Reread Bold, – The Book on Billions –

4) Health

-Order Testoesterone and blood work

-Read Testosterone Optimization under 30 years

-Read Deep Nutrition

-Read Victor Pride workout

-Read Bobybuiling book

-Keep track of Calries and what you eat, use software

-Listen to health self talk 2x the speed

-Read biography on someone in Health sphere

1st. Degree – Base – Guaranteed Behavior
– -The backups are tutoring and audiobook reading.
2nd Degree – Progress – System implementation
-The medium risk are copywriting and websites
3rd degree – Best Case scenario, Last to Implement
-The High Risks is Vlogging and Blockchain

5) Logic/Statistic/Physics

-Read Systems Thinking

-Read All books by Taleb

-Create a website in which you assign chess moves to political figures

-Read books on logical fallacies

-Work Exercises to increase logic in your own life

-Reread Bold, the book on Billions

6) History and Biographies

-Read a Biography of Albert Einstein

-Read Lessons from History

Perhaps that book on fear affected me so much because it was true? That is why I resisted so much? Because what the author write about was most definitely true in that I must simply do the things that I fear, in small doses, then my comfort zone will slowly get bigger, however, I must do things outside of my comfort zone, so the lesson then was to do things outside your comfort zone, because then you are less afraid to do such a thing, for example, post a huge group picture, going your own way before getting a degree.

What we teach! Is what we become experts in, therefore, I am never afraid to give, because I know that it always comes back. – but strategically, and I will give, and I have been giving. I must love myself now. I must give myself gifts.

How can I give myself gifts?

By showing the best I have to give on social media, by deleting social media. And then tackling the challenge and problem of blockchain projects.

By reexamining my thinking, and konwing that the ideas are still very well and alive, and they are stil my sort of secret, however, I have just become much more wise, and there have been many things that have been added on. Also, I have behaved in a way that is a bit diferetn from what was ideal, the main challenge being that I didn’t have a system going forward, I simply didn’t do the things I feared enough times to stop fearing them, and I cerated habits and am going to now change my habits in a way which I like.

Does Analysis of the past really matter? Not that much, because with a good system, it will figure itself out. Also, with analysis of the past, so what? You still have to do the job necceary. You still must move forward, pu tin the time and do the work.

Which is why therapy is so pushed, because it is detrimental, and reading from the top expert in the field, at 19-20  made me UNDERSTAND! That I knew more than them, and I was going to, and was achieving more than them.

In a way I have to thank the Elites, for making the world so absolutely complex, that uncovering myself, my true identity, the true identity of the world, is such an inspiring game, and will continue to be so for the rest of my life. I am glad that I get this oppoertunity, and that I get to play this game.

I’m also glad that focusing literally everything on what I want, and constantly, for the res tof my life, rewiring everything positive, will help me succeed. I am rewiring everything positive.

  • I should address this for myself, in that rewiring some of the negative behaviors I have done, should not be positive, because they were negstive. It is possible the WSP, paraphrased. Also, I do not simply haveto believe that I have to help others anymore.

Also, read things only once, like the Rapid learned said.

Also, The Boook on fear actually did just pack SOOO much value that I most likely just wasn’t ready for, or that I didn’t fully incorporate because I told myself she was a women, that one time!

The book on Fear is totally applicable and I am grateful for it, and I can apply it even thought she was a women, she was very smart. That book packs a punch. I also change the way I speak to myself and only bring about the positive changes, I really only need to slylow build myself up in a way that I know, Never stop taking actions, I know what I have to do and I do it.

My fear is that If I change the profile action now, and don’t start this group then the message wil be imperfect. There is that word, it would have been better for me to embrace being imperfect, because nothing is perfect, never has, and the forward action will most definitely help me take that undertaking.

                    The train ride was usual, so much like all of the othes, however, this morning, I found something different, I took a chance and started upon the brain increasing meditations on Iq, Critical thinking, Logical Thinking, Speed reading, Common sense, all Very powerful ideas. A practice which will put me among the best in the workld in terms of thinking.

One of my biggest intacts and insights was that I needed to rewireite, and rewire everything I wrotein a positive manner, towards what I wanted to be going towards. 

Also, Another big take that I got was that I neded to do everythign digitally, and destroy all of the evidence, of my physical copies. Really edstroy it. or lock it away, or bury it. All of it, it is careless, and I would be better off taking pictures of all of it, uploading it if I ever wanted it, adn then destroying it so as others could not use it and I would be unburdedned. I simply enjoying keepin gthings to myself a lto more, no one is forcing me.

The Action item from this, and that I could gain and understand from this, is à I should mediteate, and roll around the thoughts and my old ideas and beleifs, RPB which kept me going exactly where I wanted and need to go, kept me at my best, and Is the default state at which I would prefer that I live in. I will practice this once a day.

I will also, walking home amongst the leaves, have to do a Full Antifragility summary. – Never ask people what they want, they’ll never know especially what they will want in the future.

I will also have to chanell all of my energy, and those moments when I want to PMO, find the Cue, direct the response to go Crazy on Social Media, and up my status that way, like the positive momentum I have going now. I’ll have to direct it that way. ❤

By keeping track of what I do all day, and then by keeping track of literally everything, I will be able to control the process, control the story of my life, and control everything I have wanted to.

The absolute freedom in thinking I have acquired from not entertaining lustful thoughts, and not being constantly connected to the minds of lesser beings, Is priceless, seriously. The FFDIA worked out for me in the end. It really did. à From now on, I really Fear Nothing, I can accomplish anything I want to.

I maintain this positive self imige of myself, that I have always had, because, I am not my emotions, nor my feelings. I am not the mistakes I made in the past, I am not the post that declared I am not in school, and no it didn’t make me feel better really, the truth sometimes, does, however, it must be strategic. I must know what I want at all times, and have laser like focus.

Also, Another big take that I got was that I neded to do everythign digitally, and destroy all of the evidence, of my physical copies. Really edstroy it. or lock it away, or bury it. All of it, it is careless, and I would be better off taking pictures of all of it, uploading it if I ever wanted it, adn then destroying it so as others could not use it and I would be unburdedned. I simply enjoying keepin gthings to myself a lto more, no one is forcing me.

The Action item from this, and that I could gain and understand from this, is à I should mediteate, and roll around the thoughts and my old ideas and beleifs, RPB which kept me going exactly where I wanted and need to go, kept me at my best, and Is the default state at which I would prefer that I live in. I will practice this once a day.

I will also, walking home amongst the leaves, have to do a Full Antifragility summary. – Never ask people what they want, they’ll never know especially what they will want in the future.

I will also have to chanell all of my energy, and those moments when I want to PMO, find the Cue, direct the response to go Crazy on Social Media, and up my status that way, like the positive momentum I have going now. I’ll have to direct it that way. ❤

By keeping track of what I do all day, and then by keeping track of literally everything, I will be able to control the process, control the story of my life, and control everything I have wanted to.

The absolute freedom in thinking I have acquired from not entertaining lustful thoughts, and not being constantly connected to the minds of lesser beings, Is priceless, seriously. The FFDIA worked out for me in the end. It really did. à From now on, I really Fear Nothing, I can accomplish anything I want to.

I maintain this positive self imige of myself, that I have always had, because, I am not my emotions, nor my feelings. I am not the mistakes I made in the past, I am not the post that declared I am not in school, and no it didn’t make me feel better really, the truth sometimes, does, however, it must be strategic. I must know what I want at all times, and have laser like focus.

Possible people to take over for Neringa






It seems, through past experiences, and from the Universe and the stars, that I have an logical blind spot for my family. I look out for them very, very often. I need to transfer some of the love, back to myself. As in watch my actions, and make sure they align with the type of person I want and can be.

Help myself first, in all scenarios.

For example- at UIUC, I should have simply gone for the major I wanted and not worried about Mamyte, or Kovo feelings. Its my life, and yet I accidently surrounded myself with mediocrity at Allen Hall, Yikes !

I surrounded myself with. So much family, and that was the starting point of the chess game of college, and the positioning sequence.

An Idea is forming, of a political chess website service, in which I keep track of all things political and the moves they use to get there.

https://foreignpolicy.com/2013/07/08/how-chess-explains-the-world/ shak mat – Persian.

Wednesday, June 19th.

As I learned How to win Friends and Influence people, as well as in the Happiness advantage, You start taking action on small things, for example clean up a little bit, start a small assignment, take the first action in addressing a relationship or plan, and then it slowly grows and grows and grows and grows your progress.

               Also, something I learned in How to win friends, is that the best productivity system and system for organization is to deal with something as it comes up, immediately, as in do it right then and there, do everything, seriously everything as it comes up, as is outlined in Getting things Done book as well, or else is delegated or scheduled into another sysmte, in which you KNOW that you are sticking to because you read it and are implemetnign it, the Calender must be obeyed. The Caldner, and the Story of Vidas Kulbis is my trusted system,and it is your system. I am organize and I do things immediately so that I would get the organizational and camp, relationship and money benefits and muscle, as well as make progress everyday, and contribute to my system and goal of making it the best year od my life. This is slowly increasing my confidence in my ability to handle everything as It is growing my comfort zone, and making me realize, that most of my fears, I would say all of my fears, that I am unlearning this very moment, have been learned in the past, and were written down by a previous version of myself who had the intent to help myself, and to learn. I am glad that I am learning that I am always correct when it comes to Vidas Kulbis.

               This method of doing things immediately, especially things I have the full confidence to accomplish, is growing my company– Coder – Very quickly as well, and I am feeling better with more green in my pocket by the end of June.

               I am glad that I am realizing this in the Harold Washington library, That from now on, and forever, this is how I am addressing and this is how I am facing a mojirty of my life, by doing and addressing the thing, now! Immediately, when thoughts of False Evidence Appearing Real show up, then I know that I am replacing this belief with that of How to Win Friends and Influence people, as well as The Happiness Advantga, and GTD, all Proven FACTS and not Opinoins! – As part of My application to more common sense into my life.

Be weary that, you already spent 27$ on the gym today!!!! And now you want to buy the ascendant mind? – This is why you must keep track of your finances. Buy and taking money into your own hands was the mark of change, and a shift in Habits, tha you are now repairing successfully, however that debt cycle is only repairing itself now.

I must, and am practicing sticking with my decision, purchases I still owe myself are over 45+ books bought on kindle, and in real life, and then deleted. Many meals at UIUC, in Chicago, and when out with friends. Courses bought, with the promise that you will make money, or find a way. You owe Mamyte about 2500? That you asked to borrow her. The scam, for drugs you thought would help.

You have yet to create a spreadsheet of all of the finainces, and all of the things you are asking money for. All of these must be compelteted, implemented, and literally absorbed till it is embedded in your memory till you are able to progress, it is part of your commitment to the system you are employing, that you are enjoying, and that is tailored to you.
               Your known strategy, was that you will conquered the social life, and until you are on top, until you aer the King, only them, and ONLY then will you be able to once again read more than 30 minutes a day. Reading should be  could be and is spent on commuting time, deep focus time is precious.

Action to take, Take your own advice, and for the rest of the Year, Do that first thing that comes to mind à Even if it might be a bit ridiculous. à By the End of the Day, Everything on your Calender Is done, and By the End of the Day, Each of the 10 Check Marks, no matter how Trivial, is Completed Fairly. In the Month of June, This is the Month!

Why do you want to meet with P Paulius?

-Get a political ally

-Engage, and pay tribute to my role model

-Meet with and get his blessing to travel to Thailand.

-Thank him for the good example and opportunities.

-Give him a gift that you meant to and should have long ago

-Personally be ok, with looking up to him as a father figure, he is always saving you, use the resources you have.

-Allow yourself to be proud, and progress down the path you want to.

-A possible investment and funding for your trip to Thaliand.

-Keep up you social skills, flattery, and extra options and leverage and confidence when dealing with aquantences.

-Hang out with Rich people.

– Progress, not perfectionism.

-Like yourself more, and provide a push that will lead you to being dominant on social media once again.

What is/has been stopping you before from being open in wanting to have lunch with him.

List of times FFDIT has helped you

-The posting of the picture V16, big move!

-Deleting Freeing yourself from the Groupme!

-Purchasing some of the best book sin the world

-Inviting yourself over to Kovo and luko parties

-The Last all amount of texts, from your phone

-Happy Birthday wishes

-Decisisveness muscles taken

-Essentially the whole first half of the year in the Manosphere

-The Decision to take the first steps in terms of the buying ecommerce and trading, and website creation courses.

-Emails to Ivan, Alexander, Ludvig, Cernovich, IM, T&M, Armani

-Snapchats at the beach, New Years Day, Chicago, Many selfies taken at the gym

-Asking for the guys to film you.

-Saying you will attend V16, then attending

Base Strategy for Work and School – Path going forward

Options – For 2019

3rd degree best case scenario
-Move out to A friends house, House surfing, Champaign, Thailand, out of the House. Before The wedding next week. A part of your Uncomfortable actions taken. -Couch surf/Move in with Nate, or someone in the Manosphere, to get away from home, and get a success buddy. -Plan with all of the Kulbis brothers underway. -Working in Thailand, in the Best Place in Bancock, Learning Magik, Fighting at a Camp
2nd Degree – Progress – System implementation
– Enroll in a Hacking Course Crash course for Computer science, Start your own MIT challenge. By August, Get Allies – Move to Lietuva, to work for the Blockchain company brainstorm ways you could get an in with this, by the end of 6/20/19 tomorrow Thursday. -Enroll in Engineering Physics with a minor in CS. -Enroll in Minerva, with Everything you’ve got
-Set up Audiobook Reading and Online tuturing by 6/22/19 Saturday. Earn your first client in both. -Keep updating your Life Plan, with more Specifications/Senses/ The Crazier the better – Google Calender, set a deadline, for each crazy plan from your affirmaions/journals/ Business Ideas by the end of June. -Taking your biggest risks this year in the Year of the Pig. Set the Foundation for each project – Get into contact and let the people know you will need these things by July. -Constantly becoming 1% better, in Every area of your Life, Kaizen/ Organize and track Everything. Color coding, and every idea from the Atomic Habits, Ascendent Mind, Rapid Learner, and Billions Applied into a clear system. – Apply to Minerva, Set up school for Champaing, Sign up for Oakton Classes. -Keep raising your base level of Happiness, and Base emotions of Power, Confidence, Strategy, Perseverence, and Boldness -> during Meditations, remember all of the times in the past, when you Felt This way, and live in those moments, everyday – your room, train, everywhere. -Act on Your self talk, The Self Talk only counts, only works, If one Acts on It, There must be action towards Every single thing said In your self talk. -I Use shortcuts for everything, I open gmail, and caledner as the apps, and I know how to use the keyboard to make it quicker.

It is actually hilarious, that there is so much debating about government, when in actuality, The Government is hardly necessary, and was institutued, and forced upon others, Its not necessary, and it’s a scam.

Quick analysis and metaphor/Diagramming of

What Matters Now Book

-Main points, the world is quickly changing – yawn. – of course we predicted this at leas the smart ones did moors law.

-Stay ahead by thinking above, and wildly out of the box thinking like Wii and other companies did. – Inovation is always thinking ahead, and yet, he argues here that innovation is providing to this book is a stupid mans Antifragility. Converted down to the  idea of a fifth grader.

-Destroy, and delte all Beurocraticies within a company, quicker more fluid movemnts – Same idea in Billions become the same idea That art of War said, this has been a known Idea. Change the State. Allow th eKulbis family to value good work instead of traditionalism.

-keep the small things customers want – tailor to the customer lesson from previous lessons- yet change the interna; woerkings of a cma[ny. – Keep the outside happy, Keep the frog happy, Outside of a computer stays the same – apply à change massively in your personal life, however, from now on don’t tell anybody about anything going on in your persona life, your persona is rock solid, you anaonimity in your books and dealings will go far. A Pen Name is a great advantage, you can reveal yourself at any time. Keep contributing or doing something on twitter, keep being selfish then, for your benefit, Keep social media happy, and everyone in your family happy by reinstating your immense confidence and arrogance and systems approach and top quality content on social media.

In Defense of Selfishness

-selfoshness is rationality. à Stop trying to be a hero, stop being nice to tetukas. Or Mamyte, stop feeling guilty, Mamyte is self aware enough and smart enough to know that she caused many of the problems with tetukas, she should have divorced him, but she didn’t for me. At least she is waiting, and I am grateful for that. The LinAll I need is the different thinking in terms of extreme arrogance.  goeing up is focused on his own creation , the philosophy of Objectivity, philopsohical school.

-Altrusism is not grounded in logic. At all. à Stop this idea of it comes back, at least change the

-Selfishness gets a bad name, and yet it is rationality, and yet it is a reinforcing that you are allowed to exist. The atoms do not rise to power, the atoms don’t really contribute. Feel good emotions and ego, when you help other people, well honestly, its never really been a bout ego. My thinking and beleifs have been on point, it’s the willpower and action that I needed to focus on. I require the habits, like talked about in the book atominc havits for social media to buil such a following and friensd ip up, I require the realignment with what social media is and thenoncsostent confident actions, High value leadership actions, yet keeping me different that align with who I am. I am consistently takin gselfish, High value actions on social media in order to get all of the things I dream, require, and desire. Like The Limitless movie, and like the specific behavior boxes and diagrams.

-Total control examines that others are helpless in a society like farmers or taking care of others. – sometimes however thisis good Nazi was a hilarious example, look at what he accomplished the masculine side of things. Become the Father everywhere you go, in every social group, under the guise of development and progression for yourself, do not fear being beastly.

-Who takes care of you? Capitalism in a republic is the best way to live, and live independently. – Like chickens, or cells, or programmable slaves, I am not slave.

-Selfishness is a whole commitment, there can be no on between it is the ful comitement of honoring yourself and valuing your ideas, beleifs, and progress, and general humanity, over the destroying idea of Altruism. –

-Altruisim, on a micro and macro scale is evil, to you and the other person. IT is a crime against yourself, to rationalize and ego protect, when you allow others to walk all over you. As the guy getting all of the other stuff done, You are substituting learned powerfulness  into your behaviors. It is not after that you feel better about yourself like the best book in the history of success in the first half of the 20th was written think and grow rich you must act as if you already have it, and that does not leave any feelings of feeling it before, you will feel better about doin git like the natural ways of things fixing themselves. It is funny, I did not need this book, for beforehand in my psyche, I knew that confidence and just who I was was fine, and then It seemed that the words from that book, clouded my mind, however, now in the best year of my life I am finally realizing, that they are just negative stories I have told myself and altruism which was my next line of defense is actually bad for the world, aldos this is very unique to me because eI chose to tell my subconscious ideas which accidently hurt my worldview. That book was among the many that she wrote. à Also tying this into the idea that men and women are actually of equal intelgence.  however men are of a wider distribution. Similar to high risks bonds, or the soldiers out to take the risks. –Commit to 100% selfish talks acts and deeds, there is no more debate in your thoughts or world. Embrace your dark side openly. – Clear your conscious, because it is better.

-One can exist in a trading environment rather than charity. 

My Personal Chess Games

-This leads me to conclude, that much of the knowledge in my world is already known. According to the 80/20 rule, for whatever I want, I know most of it, and so does everyone else. We all know mostly what is necessary and needed, its really just the action, how well one can play the game at this point, don’t make the mistake that you think that because you know more, it will help you. Ever single thinker has written, that the possession of knowledge doesn not help unless one uses, it. Delete all social media, or Permanently block mantas and Matas, and everyone of those others guys that are no where near your level. And use your common sense and options of which you have many! To enjoy the journey. And Accoplsih your goals a lot more quickly.

               Many of my thought patterns are the same ones, the same thinking patterns, and I must always always be updating them, no matter what. I must adher to the beelifs, and correct way to think.

Upgrade your thinking Major time – Watch it free for 3 days here

Dunning Kruger and Confidence

So, IT turns out that the core, was that you simply didn’t like that you shared knowledge, and you simply don’t like sharing books. That is your one, thing, however, you really want to share love and all of these others things, your fear is that if you share cute and fun things, then oters might too, and then you will have nothing, I am very glad that I am changing the vibrations and thoughts I am sending out into the Universe!
– I simply change the type of messages I am sending out! I simply don’t have to upload smart stuff, and other political stuff, this is what bothered me before, and so, I will slowly work my way up!

I want to be a leader, therefore I release my fear of being copied, and I must simply assume that I know the most. Nothing has ever tried to show and prove to me the opposite. I really do know and am first, once I audiobook read this book, then I know for a fact that I will know just a great deal of info!

Also, I shouldn’t care what tetukas thinks, tha tis the level I am playing at and I can and am able to not caer what  Mantas thinks as well.

SO my plan to confidence is 1) never assume others know more than you. Ever.

  • Know that you are good at politics, truly. And beleiv ein yourself and in your mind to get you out of this mess! And In your Willpower, which is the true will! Also, believe that you really do have more willpower than you think.

So, From now on, view everything as power of the Will.

Truly. Everything comes down to the strength of your will, and you simply need to associate a stronger messgage, and mental association that the fuckboy ludvig. Honestly you probably could have written something better than him forsure.

  • In the end, action is all that will move the needle it really si, if you need to drag up old things in from the past, you go ahead and do that man!

The secret to willpower, is willpower.

Being hoenst with myself, If I was to become a millionaire, hthis year, then most if not all of my problems would become fully manageable. Mostly just out of debt, and fully manageable, I believe that I am on the path.


  • I’ll admit, I am angry with myself, that I didn’t realize, or connect 2 and 2 together, that Confidence is nothing more than a HABIT! Its something I must practice over and over again and implement, contiously. Something got from a blog for confidence, ah they do sometimes come in handy!

Another important distinction, sharing habits wan’t my ideal, and there might have been the possibility, that I liked to focus on my beleifs instrad of the habits because the beleifs were all encompassing, and once I managed to get the beleifs down, and always chose to believe that, well then the world was in my own hands and, th habits would come naturally, the thougth patterns would influence the world, would influence the actions, -> habits -> character destiny. This is all true, and still is true to this day right now, however, I must change the thought patterns and make full use of 1) the advice and internship time and investment I got from p Paulius, he suggested I change the thoguth patterns and that is something I will remember till the end of my days. So! For example

Implementation of habits? -> Now I have the best of both worlds habits and beleifs and nothing can stop me and I have better and more clear thinking than others as well as the discipline to move more quickly than others.

  • The dark triad for girls? Yes! I am glad that ti is verified from an expert who has tried it in the field – similar to all of the other experts who have trial and errer their own books and have tested it in the field, and notw I have the priveledge of holding and knowing this information.
  • Every book bought, I can now learn from, something I am very good at? Learning very quickly, and I will leave it at that! I lead the way, in that regard and I should not have doubted many of the lessons from books. That I know more of willpower than others and that I know that backed by science and the best leaders in their field.
  • As well as leaning towards action, something that my brina fully needs to accept especially in my pain point which is social media and me firing back against mantas, I do not want to give him attention however in the art fo war it is up to discrescion, and at this point many people know. Plus its good practice, not as many people can comprehend the level, and you are far better than him at this

Action points à Really do lean on the side of action, especially in your pain points, focus on beleiveing, having faith that you really are so far ahead of the competition, and that the advice you have gotten is very valid and applicable.

  •  When Debating a move, Rely on previous experience to give you an accurste measure of the future, instead of speculation. For example previous times it worked out.
  • Also, rewire all of the thought patterns in your head, to work for you and not against you, the thought patterns we hold are mostly all the same, this is CBT and it needs to be applied. -> keep working on those once a day, I have a better plan and more strict and exact every single day, In order to optimize my time.
  • It seems as If I went from documenting my life on social media to share and for everyone to see, to documenting and journaling myself, creating a bit naively some negative stories and narratives which weren’t necessarily true.
  • It seems like home relationships are magnified. If your home relationships are strong, and you have atrust, and believe you can rely on others, and you are a solid team, like you used to be, then that will 100% translate over to the real world.

-How to improve relationships with Family and those closest to you.
1) Share about your life and work, whats going on right now
2) contribute funny jokes, and to the kulbis group,
3) Stop thinking and start doing. Also verbally beat down to improve every member of the group, this will help them get  ompetetive and change behaviors.

Most important is to get a base, a job, something to show for something.

IN terms of social media, Since others beleifs won’t really matter, and I don’t really caer that much, why do I care about times I have messed up in the past, or things which I think I may have cause some harm or discomfort to others? Why Do I Need to care about Social media at all? Because I have raised the standard?

Why do I need to career that I feel like I really invaded the personal space of others with the V16 picture? I don’t need to care about them and the argument for selfishness is a strong and powerful one, forsure!

Notes from Ionosphere – I like logofuge, maybe something about being goodlooking. A lot of these guys are a bit of nerds, but have god insights every now and then. Watching others on twitter makes me very aware of how I come across on skype, and the manners, bodylanguage, amount I contribute, and how It would be good for me to talk to people! All of the time!

Who was leading? It should be clear, kovas was god with this.

The ideas, of memes, and that get generated more and more.

The generation of men, of 2 generations especially the brave ones, did not teach masculinity to the younger generations because they died.

These top guys played it well, very well.

I am also realizaing just how luck I was to come into contact with the Kyballion, how ahead fo science it is and to be able to know the general and basic laws of the world is such a blessing.

Elon Musk got all of his degress, and graduated with a PHD as well. Good for him!

Also, MY presence in one of these chats would be dramatic and I would be able to succeed very well, I would be wise to spend a lot of time on money however! And Even more so on my social life, and I am and I am improving in it every single day!

I am also glad that I can finally do my 100 pushups, sit ups, as well as squats and some pulls ups eery day, that led me to where I wanted to go.

However, this is the problem with knowledge, as written in Alexanders email. You, one, realy doesn’t know something, they watch and consume something, but they only KNOW something when they live it EVERY single day. That is how one succeeds and applies what he learns which I salso why I focus on applying something I learn instantly.

For example I can do my metaphors right now, Applying the audiobook I heard on Selfishness, a concept I am very glad to get aquanited with.

It was not charity that allowed me to give the books, it was the knowledge that I will always be better than the other guys, even though I have given them this knowledge, I am the one using it and I am the one that will make sure that I am always on top, look! I took over the manosphere, and literalltly got what I wanted and more.

Having and putting ginto place more systems, and increase my network, it all came down to 1) Fearlessness, and 2) Action, that wasn’t necessarily perfect in those moments.

This knowledge of selfishness and its inherently logical and ratioanl advantage. It is rational, and a better system overall to be selfish, this ties in with the idea of personal accontibility. And what that guy was saying, which is fascinating.

Altruism is in fact then being a slave to those in need, and is a horrible practice. And Ego is needed because they distinguish and cerate the lines that they want. Also a trade is value for value, its not a sacrifice, one shouldn’t need to sacrifice.

I don’t need to sacrifice anything.

Also, love is transactional it really is. One who loves everyone loves no one. à a practice I can take is to really decrease the amount of affirmations that I have.

I must, also, guilt is a slave emotion, one who feels guilt is enslaving himself.

I must let go of guilt forever. Seriously, and must not pretend that I am an altruist. I 24/7 live in empowerment why? Because others have really not even acted on what they could have. Matas hasn’t this whole time and neither have any of the others, they were mistakes yes but they were temporary forsure all of this.

  • I MUST not feel guilty for wanting to maintain a strong social media presence when I still have work to do one my private social life.
  • Mamyte will try to guilt me because it is her only weapon. I am so done with this women, I forgive her for not knowing but I cannot give in to her nags. She is a snake, that is the truth. Its how she was born.

Action is King. John Boyd is one of my favorites from now on.

Military strategy is what I absolutely love, and good at!

The OODA cycle, how I will stay engage is where it will be at.

I will win, not because of what I know, but because of what I act on, and because of my desire, my unquelable desire to to have what I have.

The desire, and the motion, and contious motion that I will employ will keep me at the go. 100%!

I MUST rejoice at how lowly and stupid, and lazy others are. OODA a little bit, maybe this evening in particular.

To break others morale, Hard, just for practice, and to prove to myself that I can do it.

I owe 2 hours of work, and then at night its social, it MUST BE! And It WILL BE!

I really and absolutely hate all of this mental masterbaiting that goes on.

I need to work, I need to get my head in the game, and have an action mentality mindset, advantage.

I need to take my HC King Win, and literally use and move that momentum.

If I am going where I am going then I desperately am try to destroy my association with everyone and I am going through with it.

I desperately want to rid myself of the influence of these normies, seriously. I really freaking do. I should go forth with it, I don’t even think I should worry about ighting back against the cheaters, I per say, don’t care that much.

Ok, well if I want everything to go very smoothly going forward, then keep doing what you are doing like teddy said keep moving forward and literally purposely do antisocial things, purposely do antisocial behavior, in order to disorient everyone and throw them off track.

The genius move would be to start the groupme again, say a bunch of stuff, and then make mantas the king! Then tell mantas you were an absolute dick in Lietuva, and then delete everything because there is no point anymore.

Coem back ehn you are ready/if you ever want to.

Or just have less profiles, unburden yourself from your youth, and grow up.

Keep others with the fear of growing up. Your advantage is moving and being first.

See the source image

Thoughts Solutions

While reading insensly about this I realized, one of my biggest feelings recently, was the anger I felt towards tetukas, for not being the person I wanted him to be.

I realized, however, At that very moment, that I really dno’t have to give a flying shit about tetukas, like 100% true apathy towards him, and that frees me to become the man I want to become.

A father figure, one who I would imagine would come to my rescue, if I asked for it, would be p Majauskas, because that’s the way the world ISSSS.

I really don’t have to give a shit about mantas, or matas, I don’t have to be nice to them, it’s a false idea that The Happiness Advantage is not the same as being Altruism, though I 100% have connected the 2. I free myself from My altruistic habits. Yay!

I replace them with selfish, empowering, powerful, effective, and forward thinking and direct habtis, with a specific set of goals in mind.


Also, I love the Idea Tim Ferris put together, the

Journaling, evening excersies and all of these directly tie into OODA because it is constant exposure to and with the environment.

Since Primeditatio Melorum, Is so good at anticipating problem ( T Ferris Fear defining), it is something I as a master strategist must inco

Here I am writing the Copywriting parts that interested me and stuck out to me.

-Heros journey

-He didn’t want to hok up with other girls

-He went to some deep chatrooms guys ideal

– Very personable

I must rewire the beleifs, the habit, that led me from facing me efars, meanthat I had to fel fear? Well I don’t want to feel fear, it doesn’t help anyone.

This brings to light something that I may have been missing that I was missing before.

The exgaggerated stories over tweets, the emails to uiuc councelors, the stories I texted mantas, and Mamyte, and others, they all count, my subciounce mind needs to, and is, diferentiatiting what Is good now.

It seems I like telling people that I am interested in physics. Is this good for my long term goals?

Or not?


Grateful for Family and That they are a part of me, whenever, and all of the time, we are not close, we are each other, we are all the expression in different terms. This is a 6 month og the year, I am finding ways to empower Give as much as you can to family, really you can do this! During this 6 month.

-Tetukas, make sure he reads the book.

-Make just positive uppidy posts for every single person in your family, give them all shoutouts and constructive criticism.

-the best time to create, reaseasrch for 2 hours on a blockchain social media company, and then propose the idea.

Also note, I may have lacked on the defense, of my Ideas, and then I focused only on myself, while others form the mental links.

Why am I lacking in Confidence?

No clear plan of the future, only ideas, a common theme of this week.

I feel like I need to go back to school, in order to survive, right now, and keep pushing Minerva.

Action that will give me ground.

  1. Sign up for all UIUC clases.
  2. Find every member so Delts and phit delts and get eh Fb friends as well as make friends with them.
  3. Get on top and in control of mantas and amtas, practicing defing your territory, or completely isolate. Start and keep your OODA cycle, in effect it must be going.
  4. Level your playing field afterword sby being honest about where you are in debt.

OODA versus UIRE

Man OODA might be even more powerful than RapidFire Execution? Its along the same Lines however, OODA implemtens intelligent adaptability.

Also, Timing in the future, to use my advantages, Which were the reading and belief that I have the Happiness Advantage, and the Willpower book, at my advantage!

-Both of these studies were based off of Harvard, which gave it immensely more credibility.

The Homostasis book had the atority of The other Fiancne top guy, I need to check him off, and know that that gievs him some of the best crediilbity out there. I must always be pushing, experimenting, and to trust my gut, but get outside of my comfort zone.

-2 distincly different things.

Also, my method that worked before was absolutely fine, and very effective, That kind of combo.

-Once again the consistency bias, and somewhere there was a narrative, after experimentation? With the Dark world.

I release myself and know that my methods before worked absolutely fine! And they can and will be combined with the knowledge and experience, as well as manosphere experience I have now.

How can I implement this?

  • Thinking patterns, make a recording once again invoking these rules.
  • Impleemnt them on social media, until they become second nature again.
  • Disable others attacking forces, with love, and then build, most importantly stay engaged in the environment.
  • Confidence through funding from litrerally Everyone. “The rich are not afraid to be funede by others, so that they could build their own fortune” This from now on is most definitely my ideal and plan.
  • Start genuinely believing tha you still have this advantage, and even if there is a sliver of doubt that others might have it, they will not act on it to the extent tha you will. à 24/7 good mood, everything is only positive because it is more STRATEGIC to do so, not because just whatever.
  • Analyse the future, more, and only imgine the past present and future, as the epitome of goodness happening in your life.
  • Focus on the Fact that you were fully optimized before, and then your behavior, from willpower, lack of direction, and change in strategy All it was you trying to implement and become more “tough” and the Fear based courage? Which you now know you approached from the wrong persecptive. Accidently. Tell yourself to Feel Confidence, and Courage, and Creativity, I am allowed to feel something different, and then DO IT! So that I would actually KNOW IT!

Stop imagining the fighting, as Lukas said, from now on , move forward in that you won’t have to reatialte, you will make all of your past “enemies” friends, and they have always been that.

There are some strong bias’s in that no, I do not want my emotional base to be fear, nor do I believe that it is healthy to feel fear and other emotions, because I believe that whatever I proactice, whatever I give my brain more room ad access to grow, will grow, therefore, I practice, like the Master, the art then aof transmuting all emotions to the emotions that I want. Remember I am not my emotions nor my thoughts nor my feelings. I am Vidas, and I am aware of which feelings I associate to myself.

How can I graduate from that memeroy of school? Perhaps it is the constant reminder of where I left off?

Perhaps it is the fact that I must delete a profile picture something I have never done before, perhaps I am stuck in this one thought loop of fear, and instead should an need to embrace it.

It is all the embrace, It was imperfect, I put a lot more emphasis on this than others, because I do view it as my responsibility, others do not, just as a social fun activity.

Therefore my behavior, mst simply be to embrace the imperfect, in the name of action.

Facebook, through my habits, will be a place of constant courage, and Action to cerate more likes and popularity.

It is ok, to remain in my high school popularity mode, and want to enjoy the gratification. Others have no idea, learning from yesterdays video, and I am Free, and have the right to myself, under objectist philosophy, to myself and without theft or physical violence.

               Much of this reflection is better for understanding and thinking sense, however, It really is the fact of action? IT really is, one must act themselves into a new way of thinking.

I must once again aCt ina  way that I have thee books which give me the #1 advatnage over anyone else, and are my personal relationships wth the authors.

Create a Fear Premeditation Momorum.

Confidence through funding from lotrerally Everyone. “The rich are not afraid to be funede by others, so that they could build their own fortune” This from now on is most definitely my ideal and plan.

How to disable moral in friends Gaining on me.?

-Become their friend,

-Nay, instant shock a, then make them slowly associate nothing but me with the idea, and then make sure all they see is me.

Can I diagram this? I have written this before, forsure, I really have journaled about it, It might be time to stop trying to get to know myself, I already do!

Cleaners know who they are!

I simply must focus on the person I wan to be! Consistently! The only things I allow myslf to journal about are my future self.

The future self who finds the courage to face his problems, and has the ingith to think og great solutions to them, and to act on them.

Who’s base state is strength, power, intellect, Cahgne all of his stories to be positive, and productive and forward thinking. Who instead of deleting social media, has given back to it.

Hs thought and created detailed plasn for how he will eexecute in the blochcahin, twitte rarket, having almost clairvoyance to see potential problems and get rid of the sting as well as act more quickly that the others.

“Rich people aren’t afraid to project their dreams, hopes, desires, and plans onto the future” – SS

“Have your own Agenda, or Get augh up in Someone elses”

I have a burning desire to leower morale or get the idea away from others for the accoplsihsmenst I have done, I will do this by shifting focus, making aware I am of what they think, and then taking the the prize first.

Awe are who, and act in a way which our friends tnink we are, theredore, I must convince my friends I am something, their reinforcement, will keep me going, forsure.

I have moved past the deltint easily, and I have put the negative world in amy mental recycling been.

Alternative ways to ask p Majauskas, just text him.

Ask Mamyte.

Ask her for 1000$ Gosh darnit, you never used it to pay off the debt, only partially.

Stop consuming information and book,s and move fully to the real world.


Every minute counts.

Kep true to your promises man….

Bro, its not fearlessness, is not words, theres no basic secret, its mostly doing the work.

Its simply doing the work.

Once more time, It is simply doing the work.

It takes discipline to face your fears, and to continuously do so as well.


I fyou don’t want to do college… well ugg. The Humiliation from your family.

You don’t need to put extra loads on yourself, I have to go through hell. Seriously that is what I

must do.

And I’ve got to because you have a big influence on people. So Lets go man!

Disicpline baby.


An unfortunate thought, is that in stead of facing my fear, and getting another rep in, or facing my fear head on. I am using the coping mechanism, of Lsitening to the positive self talk – > Everyday, instead of doing what needs to be done, like actually.

  • I combat this. I listen to a lot of the words, I write a lot of the words, And I say a lot of the words.

I must take the actions, and then I will truly be the person, do the things.

The hard things.

My competitive advantage has been willpower.

Goddam its true.

I have always had the willpower to do things.

That is much bigger than the Happiness advantage.

This allows me to defeat anyone I want.

The embarrasemnt theat I, VIDAS KULBIS felt for a long time about Fraternities school, Coder, It all comes down

Of Sustenece

Is willpower then truly then gained from food? Or be it the belief of such phenomenon?

Has the mental clarity, and eating less so, cause me to accomslish more of what I desire?

Has my simple belief of such a thing cause it to be so?

Rsther be it, so I would believe, that I am glad for the food that nourishes me.

For then I wil value, I will blbess, I will be fully empowered by what I eat, twice a day, I will look forward to my meal, and feel empowered. Upon further research of my own, not that of a line or so, will base my opinois, don’t forget, you are smarter than most of the writers you read.

Reading and elaborating on my affirmations everyday is a superpower!

I pump myself up so much, I really do, and I am putting myself on a pathway to a Billion of dollars.

I sense where I am coming from.

I am creating nothing but positive feedback Loops.

And Yet I can not wait and am taking back my throne and the ideas I had from others by building myself up, then when I personally talk to them, I DM< them, I like to destroy my enemies in private, I drian them of all resources, they soon see the truth.

I am finding a way for my subconscious to defeat those and others which took from me, I do not fear going into the past. The method of converting them into my friend, and then ensuring that their egos are well fed. This is all done through the use and my use of willpower.

I am simply glad that I read the work, also, From now on, I am very glad to be eating, and I remind myself that my willpower actualy increases every single time I eat.

I would rather be happy and full, most likely of food, I can do the research myself, while only eating healthy foods.

-Perhaps my lack of eating had some correlation to me eating more sugar? And feeling more extremes, after reading of homostasis, I need to read up, andresearch that information by myself.

I have a very definite plan at this point, and I am more aware of my habits than ever before.

Also, I must keep everything simple, everything I have read, is still on the backbone of what I learned earlier about willpower, optimism, and always moving as well as a touch of psycopathism, and narricism. I remove the guilt.

The manospheres problems are not my fault.

I forgive my mother and actually I apologize to her for thinking negative thoughts about me. I am glad I am realizing that many of the mental models I view the world with, I most definitely projected onto other situations which did not necessarily belong there. Systems thinking, this habit of journaling on the computer, has given me more insights about how I can make quicker progress, and further define my vision.

The habits I give and rewirete those of the 1% are essential in order to achieve what I need to.

I must keep breaking the wheel of riction, most likely bout 7 times since that is when the happiness and trust returns, then I am back in the positive cycles, however, remember that number 7 times till it sticks, and 7 times for me to be in.

I am unconsciously attaching the 10 day habits to me, I should also give myself credit for most lilekly reading about 60 boks at this point, very effective and awesome podcasts, and a storage of a bit more experience than the other guys, I should act on the deep anger I feel. That’s passion. That is true passion, I am finding ways to get 10,000.

I will hype myself up like no other on the web.

Ah gosh darnit, T&M did fuck up the Manosphere, and I did learn from him, I did absorb his lesson of if you react to someone, they are hooked.

He put us in a trance.

He dug deep.

He hyped up the right people.

He did create an US versus Them mentality – copywriting.

He didn’t give his sources from the biggingin.

He viewed us as a market.

He did call me a friend.

He told the world and us he was loyal.

He kept providing good info.

The threats, seemed silly to me.

The retweeting of his own greatness was effective to the young and smaller guys.

After all, I control the frame.

That was easy.

Also, What every entrepreneur says, Is to take consistent action, and the things you thought were impossible, no longer are.

I am working on creating my habits scorecard and putting in the work to simple get some of the base ones going to quick achieve what I want to.

How to get over this old fear? Was it fear? Nay, it was productivity and laziness.

Fear is not necessarily the thing holding one back, it is the hard work ethic, The fear can only go away from working anyway, therefore the work ethic is the base that achieves what one desires to achieve.

I can apply all of this to my personal life by taking lessons from the manosphere to my other twitter account and other dealings from now on, -OODA- in particular, and my lessons from my Vidas Life, to that of the manosphere.

My first prioriry is the money though, when that dominoe falls, every else will most definitely come.

~Imperfect action is your competitive Advantage~

Also, it seems your standards have really fallen. Why is that?

Anger towards your paretns that you let go?

I am glad my subconscious let go of the anger I felt toward my paretns.

Curse of Knowledge Bias, in all of these different areas.

I love improving my thinking.

Mentality shift how I can apply to June, Simply do the work from a productivity mindset mentality, and then you will most definitely free up so much mental space in order to tackle the real challenges in life.

HELL is being broke, disappointing your family, feeling like you are trapped, and not appearing like you are trying to your family.

That is my definition of Hell.

My Definition of Heaven is starting at the very bottom, and raising significantly as High as you can go.

GO for this fundng source, literally wherever you can.

You look 10 years in to the future, and also, you are rewirtin your goals for the future, and constantly updating your affirmations, which you SPEAK!!!!

And WRIte! Into existence, the Lsitening is ok, however, it doesn’t move you like the actual result does.

Which is something tied to your identity, The things you have been doing this year, the other twitter account, some of the moves you have pulled, haven’t cerated the best picture of yourself that you necessarily could have.

Neither has the neglect to everyone else.

Its not fear, my man, it is simple work ethic, What every single person says, however, is easy to ignore, I will make quick progress, by simply doing the world.

It is possible for me to have my day.

However, I don’t care for the younglings, Lukas and Tadas, I will be more assertive for my answer from now on, texting no.

TRsuting in myself to handle what comes my way.

Do you actually know yourself? Define yourself as in your relationship with your pain points.

-I have avoided pain points of college, telling the world, fraternity, putting in work to make it right, and Coder telling the true to align my reality.

-I am embracing a much healthier, realistic, and positive view of women than I had before, they are really just kind of guys?

-Is a bit selfish in that he doesn’t stand tall for his family?

-Has been known to have money troubles, needs to conserve money better, needs a job.

-Has just been at home, needs to reject unconscious behaviors from tetukas, because he likes to feel good, and accidently then imparts and takes on some of those qualities.

-a couple times now, Vidas shares a book tetukas doesn’t read it, and Vidas takes it back and feel sguilty? Frustrated about it.

-Has set up the JAv group, and the Neringa position, but isn’t making forward progress, has also set up to hang with Lukas, hasn’t made forward progress.

-Needs to chill out, loosen up about somethings, and be open and unembarrassed about him being in debt, and be more transparent.

-Needs more what/ifs for his habits and automated behaviors for quicker reaction time. à In oder to be at expert level.

-Needs to just take a desk job, and get some money under his belt.

-Needs to stop being a perfectionsist, as long as he is making some forward progressive action.

-Willpower and self understanding increase will lead him exponentially to success.

-Needs to scrutinize every decision, and make them more quickly and HONESTLY, in order to move forward. AS in don’t say yes to stuff, and go when you say you will go.

-Get better financial Habits. Get rid of all Fears, Literally, every single one.

à Cerate the habit of doing things you fear, and continuous acts of courage, accept and believe in, and enjoy your strong wins, in order to awkcnoeldge who you are.

  • Support others in their dreams, stop lying to yourself and reclaim the throne, and stop caring about others feelings.
  • Needs to let go of the perfect experience he believes he missed, needs to stop beleivein ghe could have done things better in the past, and simply learn, reorient (ABO) and come back with more feriousness, and willingness to accept his goals.
  • Needs to do so quickly.

OK, now the positive affects and ways of improvement

-Getting over apathy by settings target points higher

à Immense amount of knowledge and further reinforcing mental shields and Motivation willpower, and motive force, music for war purpose, symbolism, eloquence, Drive, inertia in his direction, and application, of actions with a defined goal.

-A system in place to keep moving.

-Helping his brothers and sisters in other way.

– A change in thinking and orientation, perspective, on a forward an positive relationship with mistakes, action, and failure.

– a loss of perfectionism, allowing him to go much farther than his competition.

-Associating and learning from the best, secretly allowed for friends to catch up for practice when is the real thing.

à can claim the rewards at any time he chooses.

  • Not allowing for excuses for anytime, and changing perception rapidly to target only exponential expanisons and a big rises, finally, to be operating at the level of the 1% world class he deserves to be operating at.
  • Respected among peers and clearing mental clutter, more doing than thinking, more application and teaching and winning than anything.
  • Rapidfire understanding of concepts of self and changing directions.
  • Aquasition of josba ns skills in stock trading, ecommerece, writing over 60 books read, masterfully perecptive manipulation of culture, rasises the bar without others knowing, moving past previous grieveiences, and productively changing perecptions and outdated software glitches.
  • Past his epxeirnment with a negative ready and embracing the concept of a positive world in which he is safe from everyone, any action is better than no action, and is ok, with helping the other side as it helps him progress.
  • Throws away olf harmful beleifs about others and sees only the good in other, yet expenading his intlectual capacity and Iq in order to have a balanced selfish/rational view of the world and create his own conditioning.
  • Desensitizing whatever the heck he picked up in college, and reengaging again as a benevolvent psychopath.
  • Has immense power and influence, affirmations, flow, and results of freinshios and money and intellectual progression prove that.
  • Brain is rewigin at an incredibly rapid ratea, and metaphors and mental models are mvoeing even more quickly and effectively.
  • Constantly touching and engagein with his environment, reintroducing the idea of simply being a fun guy becas ehe wasn’t sot improess and spread some happiness for women, and they want that to and it make s girls love him. He can deal with the guys in their own way, and he can destroy their legacy, leave them a way out in which they think they are ok, force them into the ostrich affect, and make them consistently be saying thank you for everything you have taken away from them. Matas also finds himself gotten.
  • Allowing himself for the first time to thinkin of himself as someone who is abel to manage risk, and knows how to

“As an engineer you were taught to decrease risk whenenever possible, however, if you selectively incorporate risk into your life it, and you will have huge payouts”

What I am writing here, in my mind has hug epayouts.

The risks, and the strategy is to demoralize me, towards the frehsmen year, it always was.

How can all of this be actionable, for 1, stop philosophizing about the ideology of books like the happiness advantage or whatnot, thy are true, you know this, you desire your beleifsà habit_> outcome of positing and sharing things you finds funny on the internet tha you think girls will find funny and you get internet points for that.

A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated

Also, as an engineering that you went to school for it is important that you constantly engineering risk, to ask for loans, to post funny things, and get that into your habitual movement and existence, so that you could progress, and stop this being stuck.

Your backups will be the guarantee of unconditional self love that you made a Vow to have for the rest of your life, your willpower and drive, as well as your, knowledge that most people will forget, they are in charge of them inc, you are in charge of you, inc.

WHENEVER I meditate, My default state is one of power, and transcendence, and transmutation. I see what I want, Exaclty, and the points required to get there, I see the exact response, and how I deal with it.

I no longer do bad habits simply to feel familiar emotions, but to transcend and create new pathways and default states of power.

I imagine my knowledge of habits, and of making them easier/harder to see, and I imagine how I want to feel, and how I do feel.

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

Further analysis of what happened in the twitter Manosphere,  from now on I don’t submit to T&M, I get the money, from releltneless pursuit of being funded, then from Gray, and then I fashin the organization as I see fit, I turn on T&M, and have planned out his responses and then I attack and my iterations are much more quickly planned, and my orientation and experience is better, ist is important that I get to the knowldeg beforehand though, some simple feelings don’t matter.

Tate is still posting though.

Dream is still going, they are persistent, they stay true to their system, and that is awesome and honorable.


Some thoughts on the word NO.

-No preseves the right to say yes.

Saying yes say sno absolutely everything in that time slot.

-Saying no, is actually save you time debt.

-Saying yes is time debt.

-Saying no is the ultimate productivity hack.

– I am reminded to eh way to think of the future, as directions and paths instead of one path.

-Also ties into purposely giving restraints for yourslf to become that much better.

– It is useless to do something efficiently which didn’t needed to be done at all.

– you must upgrade your NO’s over time, as in there might be good things, but you have to say no to those things to be able to access the great things.

-Saying NO to temptations is kind of the only productivity hack

-Steve Jobs says that being focus is actually Saying NO to the tghousand other things that people are asking you to do with your time.

-How to say no? – Ask yourself would you want to do the activity today? Right now? That is sort of a time commitment device.

How can I apply this to my life?

-0If I go back to UIUC, I DESPERATELY didn’t want to live with Lukas and Tadas, seriously,

-I could say no to more books?

-No to Neringa?

– No to Dinners?

– No to Hangouts?

– No to social media or rumination?

– NO to tolerating living at home?

  • Don’t forget you have the equivalent of a written whole book on your iphone and laptop right now.

I am starting to Realize, that literally willpower, is the absolutel only thing that is going to get me out of here. By keeping to a system, the system, the only one I have right now, Is the only way I am getting out.

Stop lying to yourself that you think that You are helping others by keeping that there, you certainly can and should play that off.

However, don’t forget your positive confidence withdrawal and deposit system, in which you can vorrow confidence from the past, which seems to be something you are realizing you 100% can do though you yourself were a bit too overly cautious about social media and its affect. The constant wins and cycles and pushing forward on social media,  allows you to maintain momentum, and willpower in other areas of life.

“The captain that brushed his teeth every day in the jungle survived, because this positive habit of his moved over and was distributed to other parts of his life” – This is why I always do my positive habits of my own choosing.

The Happiness advantage certainly do not justify your behavior of submitting and giving way too much to others like matas or Jonas, when they don’t deserve it, you balled out with Ivan, All of the time, seriously.

Also get used to feeling empowered, do the empowerment excersize all of the time, every single chance you get man, really every chance probably 3 times a day, associate the clencth fist with power.

It is also a possibility, that because you only sometimes wen tto the gym, and your old habit was always starting your day with a shower no matter what and then brushing your teeth, your grounding and base, that seemd off to you.

Where on earth did you get this notion tha you cannot shower twice a day?

-Your father?- oh man, or maybe some girl who thought it was silly?

Not for you, that si something you from now on always do no matter what. No matter if you go to the gym.

It kind of isn’t really worth it for you to go to other people’s houses, because of the 1) the time it takes to take a train. 2) the time debt and energy you expend. 3) The money, it might cost to go there. 4) What would you like to talk to them about? 5) You are drinking and smoking, less and less, though every now and then would most definitely be a good idea.

CORNERSTONE HABITS FOR 2019! Showering every morning, and brushing teeth and the instant affirmations and other works that go along with it.

The morning will be reserved for Mental work, and the afternoons will sometimes be filled with exercise of greatness.

That is a personal habit I will employ, all of the base ones, even the seemingly ridiculous ones, I will emply.

See the source image

The awareness of the passing in the kitchen to eat whatever late at night, opening the dorrs, and feeling that cue of a craving of sugar, and then the habit of going down to the kitchen, ever since I became aware of that cue, I have eaten less and less, and have been able to wait for the habits and cues to go down.

If I wanted to look at where I am now comparitely, I have my debt paid off, messaged a girl, and am more self aware than ever before.

I am starting to push upstream again.

It Is miraculously easy, to start pushing myself upstream, and I choose to believe that success is easy.

Perhaps the idea, that his homostasis was pushing him against progress, my homostasis, has always been on the immense track to success.

“Perhaps my body was just made for 6 horus of sleep, I am probably just built in a better way than you.”

For the res tof 2019, I also believe that I choose to live in uncomfortablness, I choose to love myself and give myself prizes when I need to, I choose to believe that It is a lot easier for me to love myself, and enjoy success, naturally where ym trajectory is.

Is my body constantly pushing myself to go against the grain? As in, am I constantly deluding myself into thinking I am making progress, when actually I am not and Vido Biology has been working against him,a dn he needs to push in order to get back on track?

 It is true, and I make at least a 1% raise every single day.

I choose to believe and then enforce and behave in a way that gets me only and directly to the top, all of the time, in every way, my mind grow in knowledge and power every day in every day.

Being that Humans are intuitive creatures, and that you are simply guising and laughing at the idea of others being terrified of what you know, you must also account for the fact that you are improving the fact tha you need to quiet your mind about what knowledge others may have, and your mistakes and reposnes to it.

You must also take into account what marius, tadas, victoras, mantas, everyone else is thinking, and it is 100% in your best interest to declare that you were first, but yet yo udon’t know much, and then to tell the truth about you being in debt.

This will free you, and others worries about you, they will most likely forget, and you will have more confidence, in moving forward and simply being happy, the discipline will be nice, but its not necessarily necessary for you, in that you can 100% survive, by just being happy.

Also, I am and need to redirect all of the habits ,and positive actions I am taking not simply for increasing my discipline but for maintainin helaht and beauty, Keeping my mind sharp, my storytelling skill son point, I must post to stay relevant and my skills also sharp, my routines in place my 1% better each day, my laser like focus on top.

I was inspired by others to make more progress, then good, with the bracelet I’ll be able to monitor my thoughts in a much better way, I can simple through away, yell STOP, and cancel thoughts which do not help me.

“Any good book become better at the second reading, any great book becomes better at the third reading and again and again, and again.” – Taleb

Brianstorm how I could ask p Majauskas for the money, draw up a plan.




-Writing of Ideas into a book.

-Website similar to GO Kulbis GO. Distilling 1% of Knowledge.

-Able to startup Lithuanian Other Group. I need permits, and just basic money to keep and get me going, I want to pay back my mother, I want to.

Call? Email? Both? Ask just to see him?

In order to gain momentum, here is what I could actually do to maybe take my own advice, Just start giving out value, really, once you do this, its better to give more, and then you’ll be able to direct what you can when you want to.

So Every day, just give, and give, and give, and give.

“Power is gained by making other people feel good, not necessarily by making yourself feel good”

-The dark triad mindset only comes from a fear of loss of love, scarictity about women Idea.

Meaningà I will keep my social media profile, solely, to give out happiness, and support to others.

–DEicision has been made! About whether or not to social media go dark.

I am aware however, of what I need to do.

I am at an advantage from this, because I know that I have options, and always will.

Plus I sleep with actual women at least once a week, I can do both! Which keep me from really wanting or needing to do that ever again, plus I can really hold it in, I can train myself.

Analysis of Relationship W/ Deep Questions. Befriending the habit of Journaling

I MUST remember to save my work on here.

For I have already lost a days work and now must put in more effort to remember.

I was contemplating the metpahors,

The causes of my lack of confidence

  1. Relationship with action –

-Expansion, my relationship with action might have gone from leaning towards the doing, towards the evasion, because I accidently conviced myself I was wrong when I took several actions, in terms of social media, which shouldn’t get another thought, to deleting so cial media to moving forward in it.
My relationship with action was “Action mentality” as well as starting anywhere and small in terms of the Happiness advantage.
I must revert to those same principles, and the same exact mentality as well. The fuel, will once again be that I literallyhave no competition, and that it is way too and so frekaing easy.

Then It seems this year, I propose and gave the unshakeable intention rapidfire execution to the manopshere and boy did t give back, I literally put it out there, and the rest just gave more and more to myself. This is the way the world and compound interest work.

I must trust the process, and trust the action, in a rapidfire way. I must consciously learn from my mistakes, becoming a minimalist is helping. Embrace a minset of power as well, a growth mindset. Which I read before but simply did not apply!
My relationship with action was a btit focus on being an optimist, the doubt of being an optimist. Which is silly, because it seemd that I was trying to competet with Mantas, and I knew he did not think like me therefore It seems I doubted one of the books Ihad. However, the Happienss advantage is NOT! Mindset, Mindset is as Taleb described this morning everything to gain, literally almost nothing to lose.

What are the downsides that I could minimize so that I could be free eto move forward.

Ahh the groupme! Mantas, thought he was better at me in the Groupme, and so

It seems a lot of my action was Focsued then, on repeating behaviors from the past because I went over them so many times, however, now Learning rfom Seneca, I know the direct literally all I wan tto what I want.

The 30 day challenges was a big leap yes, however I misunderstood,a dn was transpalating an ineffective way of therapy in to my writing, this mulptiplied and grew, for I am learning that words, ideas, and written concpets are really creations, like written about in journaling. They exist, and they are certions by me, there really is no such thing as something not connected.

Also, there seem to be no new Ideas? Nonsense I will most definitely cerate a new one.

I will also focus on implementing that Action Journal- GTD into my system, I have been striving for a system for so long, and I could have done GTF.

I am glad that I got Damiens and Voctr perspective, on writing and focusing on the type of suture that I want. I create my reality.

Back to focusing on how in actuality can I focus on minimizing the risk of making mistaeks on social media, and minimizing risks of mantas copying me. Its because he doesn’t respect me, doesn’t fear me.

I am brainstorming ways in which I could make Mantas Fear me, and respect me,.
Pain points – Girls, intelctual not superiorty, Zigmas getting more love. Monika, and Ariana. UIUC. Phi DElts, Might be best to destroy him completely then, I am pretty dark, so my version of that Is to literally research morality, and then find out if the matrix will punish me for ending manto Lifetime.

Other ways include creating a groupme, and destroying him.

Or on twitter I could make it all public.

Or I could force myself into an audience with him, and then me myself I could destroy his psyche, and go over it, rehearse it in the mirror, plan some ways that the meeting could go, only plan for success, as in only plana, and see what I want to see.

  • Sharing of books –
    Books, and the ones that I had read, had always been a sort of secret to me. And they were the backbone of my immense confidence to myself, It is a powerful way to neuter someone intellectually when you find their high school book that inspired them ,it is their identity. I dislike that I hurt Kovas badly.
    Also, with Mantas, it is as if I gave him a book and he did not give me his? Or did he through emotional intelligence though at that point he thought that I was reading a lot a lot, which  Iwas but we bounced off of each other through my doing.

MY confidence was always above Manto because I had the beleifs, I was beyonf reproach and I attacked the things that I feared, seriously! I must do that now, and I must find these fraternity members and message them, all, as well as keep brainstorming how I can convince myself that my genius is unchallenged and have ultimate confidence in my brain and reasongin abilities.

                    This was my guarantee, that I could absolutely dominate the space and be totally unchallenged, It was the perception that mattered more than the reality. Fo this allowed e to progress, at alarming speed and break the thoughts that served no usefulness. Once I am at the top, I will e able to ride comfortably, and at that point, I have the ability, and gift of telepathy as well as a deep understanding of how other minds work, and better yet experience!

  • Positive Change in perception

This is what I was writing to and what I am finding out right now. I must focus all enegries on the type of person I wan tto become. The chaing reaction of having a risk of writing my private thoughts donw on paper, and in a notebook, did not do me well, and it led to carelessness and misunderstanding. Many who blog are not used to the internet like we are so they prospose things. However, I am better than 95% of them, and I am from a younger generation.
ALSO! Mental toughtness does not always mean working out, mental toughness also means KILLING VIDO INNER CRITIC< he is dead, I am doing my best in all areas of life and It is not needed as much as it was needed before. Meditation, diet, and positive visualization, will help me get to where I need to be. Also, cutting the inner critic, I might think I am doing myself a favor, however, From now on, I wuoldrather be delusionally confident.

Also, this means that my practice of gratitude, will also and must be supplemented with a practice of writing some things I did well, they go hand in hand and this is application of something confident people do in orde rot keep going. A practice I could definitely benefit from and that I will implement, by the time I am done with everything.

Thi change in perception will also incorporate the barbell rule, which will most definitely increase my upside, and totally minimize the downside. Reading Armani’s book will also be an absiolutley HUGE plus, he has provided value with me before, and I greatly appreciated the things he did fro me, that I will be more than happy to help him in whichever way possible. Also, my book a day system, Is good, and will be better once I implemtn the things I say I am going to do on my caledner. I must also conform, and make it  ahbit to sticj with a HABIT to stick with only the caledner, adn the form. The rest wil be written in my story here. It is time to say good bye to evernote? I will keep going the caledner is always in play, and ALWAYS respected, if something is put on there it must be acted on, at least the Minimal viable Energy output, for Every single MORNING at home, and AFTERNoon when the sun sets I will at least put a little bit of energy in there. 

An understanding fof my own cognitive biases, which is shortcutted, by the application of the article I read, which gave me a great occulus razor in my thinking, and is the truw ay to achieve what you must achieve ( separation from the rich and the poor thoughts, and accounting for almost all cognitive bias’s) gave mea big heads up in understanding as well.

PRACTICE- Write 3 things you did well every single day, and keep the CBT going, attach the behaviors and outcomes all connected. Incorporate into my habits, in the morning/ at night upon review.

  • Abundance (not Lack) of money –

A secret, Maybe the secret? To my confidence in myself, even when I had nothing, the money would come from other people, who were doing nothing with it, and a fear of poverty, that which was unintentionally accepted by me, from a middle class women, seems to be what broke down many of the structures held in place before.
It also give me and out, I do not have to face this potentioanl pain or embarrassment because I am just working to earn money first.
I must stop telling Mamyte, Kovas and Jonas when he was trying to help me out with this stuff, its an excuse to myself and thus becomes a limiting belief through its sheer repetition.
-After writings all of these I must write actionable advice to myself so that My brain would do the most effective things It could do which is to focus on the positive and life you want to cerate, in terms of never neededing money, yet enjoying looking at it grow in all of my accounts and enjoying managing it. I am lucky to put this into affect and create these rules by myself. These financial habits will be easy to implement! I will focus on earning, and it will most definitely push me forward. I am a responsible adult, and I am able to earn my own money, through the moethids I am now working at.

 A dollar more than I did yesterday seems to be a great way to go about it. The tutoring job I will apply for, as well as the audiobooks, I will gladly read, and the copywriting I will do and the selling of vegan producsts and fitness as well in a subscription based format. Will do WONDERS for me.

Ulitmately DECIDE that you will get out of the practice of asking for Money or Loans, this wil most definitely force you to become the Best type of Money person you want to be. Also, It will allow you to be fearless, for right now you are in debt, imagine the pgroess you will make when you have enough money, not to feel this way. Remmeber It is hard to comprehend you situation.

That silly talk and concept you had with Mamyte back in the day at your paretns house “ My money I worked hard for it” well, I actually didn’t work that had haha! Also, then It seemed that I spent it all to make myself feel good? IT seems to. I am glad I finally got down to the reason of that, and I am more aware and very good at what I use my money for now.

Practiceà contacting the girls on their own, upload to sical media, raise yourself up. Tailor your Social media posts Only to Girls

Implement your money making ideas immediately.
-The backups are tutoring and audiobook reading.
-The medium risk are copywriting and websites
-The High Risks is Vlogging and Blockchain
  • Abundance of (not Lack) of a focus/school/direction

What is the hell yeah Idea that I want to be working on? I sit getting a degree, so corporations might look at me? Better access to mastermind forsure, however, I feel like unless it is… Minerva? Well evaluate the possibility, I could get more access to high proile people, and shortcuts through the name for the rest of my life? Security. It seems that I wan tot compete with Logan paul, I must find actionable steps I can take today, right now,

I am implemting literally every lesson and thing I have learneded, therefore, one of the best lesson learned from the bok Relentless, was that I already know what to do, and in truth, I already DO know what to do! I must do that over and over again! It seems to be that I enjoy reading and introspection more than anything, just like Taleb said that writer did and therefore, possibly I should write and do something like that as well, however, it is funny, that I enjoy learning more. I am secretive, therefore, I have My “Mars in scorpio” If I remember correctly, and was born in a pig year, therefore, I have a james bond like disposition, and I enjoy keeping knowledge to myself.

I know what I have to do,  I have to beat logan paul, I have to drop everything and focus on earning at least a couple thousand dolalrs for probably 3 months that I will be working on it, then, I will be free. I will do this by focusing on 3 streams, of income, and all at the same time, this will keep me engaged forsure, and I will always be growing growing growing, then I can take on any projects that I deem interesting.  I know that I must also rebuild relatiosnhips as best I can, and I can do this through I know more than anyone what they need! Writing will allow me to have a good relationship with myself and will then allow me to have a good relationship with others as well.

Practice – For addressing and pushing the focus, -> Work towards all three of the business’s described above. Take the Minimum viable energy output every day, set up Smart Goals, and SLAY! Add to check marks.

  • Multiple streams of (not Overcrowding) of advice.

Too much advice cause for too much thinking and imagination of negative scenarios. Evolutionarily, this caused those who were cautious and could predict to survive, but those who took the risk to progress the society to die. Statistics and logic.

Holding onto old and dangerous logs of information at home, I cannot be careless and let the possibility of them knowing something that I do not, that is not how this goes. I will have to take picture and upload everythi gto the drive where it is safe. For me to work better.

Pracitice – > Like Tony robins, I will focus on one thing at a time, as in one source of learning at a time. When Prepraring to enter into twitte or other forms, I will be all read up, have a clear focus with specific desired forced behaviors.
-$Sidenote that information from Billions about fored behavior was really smart, it was on a weaponized scale with game theory strategy, in forcing people to do something, this can be applied to family decision, deicsions about how to ela with leo’s, misdirection and changing trajectories of others on twitter, politics, and myself when I need a commitment device.

  • Stronger (not Less strong) relationships with Family.

-A big factor in what Mamyte said to me still weighs in my mind a bit, when she said that I seemed to be confudeing social media, with relationships and friendshsip, I wish that I had had the confidence, and responsibility, in order to revert this in that I care more about my relationships a nd am improving my relatiosnhips and social media at the same time.  I am using social media as a tool, to improve my social media!

Only going to Social media with Gratitude, and a clear direction, should improve this greatly, a rule to always text back within a 10 min period, or right away if possible will help keep my mind clear off all of these loose things I still need to do. I read GTD for a reason! I have the confidence, self, love, and understanding, to implemt it now.

                    I need a strong relationship with myself, and I need to give myself some backing and strength on social media. Start giving, Start focusing on the positive relationship that you want, start improving the quality of your thinking. I literally cannot wait to be acquainted with some concepts. The Law of Exponentials! I must act on this very quickly, It actually is better for me to take over without doubt.

  • My Abundance (not Lack) of competitiveness

I am having some things that do not line up with. I am competitive I stil definitely feel these emotions, I may have dumbed them down a bit, and in the future, there can be absolutely no crossing of me and I repeatedly make the lessons known.

I can be competitive and still love my enemies, I just don’t submit to them like Cernovich said. I must Plant as much tress as I can, that will turn into Redwoods Froest when I am older. The Lithuanian Community will be FIERCE! With Strong Leaders. You think I am going to let some middle class other non strategic, thinker influence my thinking with some small and utterly usless hilariously sujective blog? But NO! I shall not.

My best days of stragy are upon me and ahead of me. Gosh I freaking love the orchrestera.

Other notes to myself were, in the morning, written as … topics included the learning techniques.

Typing, posture, aptness. Ryto pain points and what I should do to him.

That I am Dark Triad in nature, various parts of me, the enlightened parts are of Dark Triad nature.

A system, and way to go about things.

A possible theory, that Gabriukas and Zigmas have already deleted all social media, they are free to assume whichever Role they wish to play now, they can reemberge as anyone they want.

Also, the family role, and how could be the biggest vlogging family in the world, as well as the blockchain budies and maser architects.

Since the best in the world do it, I shall to do it.

 In terms of leadership people would rather follow the confident, but not as compwetetnt leader in the twtitersphere – T&M? or would that be mantas in the other twitter sphere? Its got to be me, and IT wil be me because my why is simple, to spread more happiness.

I also delved into the strategies of the different zodiacs, and how it was funny and true that I was being passive aggressive in many areas and that’s why I tweeted things, also, Mantas, and others weren’t as passive aggressive as I imagined, and so I shall improve to that level.

My system must be and will be unbreakable and strong, like my reasoning skills.

  • A small analysis of my “Shit talking Matas and Tadas” during the talk when the persepctrive seemd to shift away from me, and then people would try to find a weakness and inltrate further admiring matas, Also when I said some stuff about Tadas. It seems my Inner world cretes my outer world and so I must be inner ok to function at my best. I really need to solved these issues deep within myself and then everything else will come.
  • This is what made me, and drew me to purchase this course, the journaling course, over the other courses. à The Student is Ready!

I must admit as well, This! Is Problem solving, I am writing almost stream of consciousness, in a crowded environment, – Near the orchrestra of Chicago playing, listening to Gamma Binaural Beats, not having eaten in the past, empty stomach, with predetermined questions, on a Tuesday,  A Bird Literally Dropped by to say hello, He liked my energy, he could sense, it, and he came to me. I am connecting. I can’t wait for when I totally deprogram myself from

I am doing most of my writing and problem solving this way, by going to exotic, trying locations, exapdning my knowledge of the arts, being outside – mindful, and listening to binaural beats as well, as writing about indepth topics. Absorbing the best energy in the world.

Knowing how to type, filter information better, and writ will make me so much better clearer. I am most definitely a man of the arts.

My process, must be unbreakable, I have a strong why  iwill read those books within the week, no more waiting seriously. I will also take my caldenr seriously, hafter I have spent serverla hours writing here and sorting out my identity, I will then go right into the action that I want.

Also, perhaps this big introspection is not the best way to go about this, for example it is what I have been doing, however I need to focus on the person I want to be. That is the majot theme, that I seme to have lost! I need to fous every single aspect of my BEING on the type of person I want ot be, not that I necessarily was before, but the type of person I want to BE! The 30 Day challenges were guidelines for how I should interact, however, If I keep writing about the past, that’s all I will get the past.

Therefore, When asking the questions, I will simply write the answer of the ideal person thatI desire, and my ideal answer as if I have already answered it.

“Force” a behavior in which I manufacture an option, already decided by me, and then convince others that it was their decision. à More High quality deception tools from Billions. That seems to be all they are giving to me. Man I love it! The Elites are Laughing and giving me a wave! By the end of the month, create an option for Mantas and Matas, in which would be best, and brainstorm a way to think it is their idea.

In conclusion, there, I have pinpointed how to get me back to being competitive, I am now aware that journaling by hand was not something I was particularly interested in because it was dangerous, nor was having a journal, tht just my style, when I take iedas from these authors, twitter gurus and goshdarforsaken tweets and life hacks I have to absolutely know that I already have the jackpot and must carefully impletmetn what they say sololy to my benefit. They got my money after all didn’t they? Knoledge is actualy pretty easy to get it’s the application to get that is in scace reply – . lessons from a billionaire. – Also only buy the things that you wish to keep your whole life. – Also I must specifiy which industry I wan tot go into.

How to positively and constructively treat critism from my mother.

  • Brainstorm circumvent it, thank her for the constructive srtisim. View it actually as constructive critism, and be grateful. Let her know that is not ok. Ask her politely to stop. Work in ways tha you can stil control her.
  • REgulairyl talk with more girls so that you could transfer the emotions and feelings omewhere.
  • Work more on being finaically independent.
  • It seems once I am financially independent, many, many, many, I would say most of my problems, can be tackeled effectively.

Also, it seems that in general Ludvig gave us a glimpse into how it is good to learn however, I must tailor it to myself as I must do all things and the areas in which I study, learn and take action in the order will be .

On Starting My Story, and Who Am I?

The Story of VK

The AutoBiography

Why do Am I writing this?

To Give me more clarity.

Self Awareness


Emotioanl competency




Self Confidence/Courage

To be Studied by those before me

“Something I would have told my 18 year old self, – You are probably smarter than most of the authors and “Experts and people you are going to encounter, Learn cognitive bias’s as early as you can and use the positive placebo and Dunning Kruger affect to your advantage. The way you do one thing is the way you do all things. Separate from the normies as quick as possible, and use positive self talk. Embrace spirituality, become a minimalist, and don’t be scared to pack up and simply fly off to another country as many times as it takes. Read, embrace being a writer, earn the favorable conditions the matrix has presented you with in this lifetime. Either blame or improve your life, there in no in between. Do Good for strategic Karmetic reasons as wel as just because you simply love it, you are most likely showing your enemies too much mercy. Unshakeable Specific Intention, Rapid fire Imperfect Execution.” Confidence and arrogance ARE the Keys to Riches. You are Bruce Lee, You can beat people even when you show them your plans. He who is quickes to adapt is always the Victor. You are making history, you just don’t know it.

I learn, and the universe tells me over and over, be selfish, don’t worry about anything, go after what you want, and it is evil to deny yourself of things rightfully yours.

I could write a book, about how I have been brainwashed that masturbation is normal and I find it fun, it is in media, Pornhub is celebrated as if it is something.

-I do have to lower my expectations about sex, these are paid actors, they always have been. However, I been brainwashed to believe that it is possible, I have read enough about it. I should fill that spreadsheet out. Look! Vidas is writing his life story! This is good! Yay!

If I act soloy in self interest for s while then I’ll get enough cred for me, personally, and then à I will only do and read, the things that EMPOWER me! That is how I know that they are good.

It seems I really only get things done once I act for myself, selfishly, I have also read that I can read every single side of every debate, and this is true, I really can.

“Well, the quality of the questions you ask yourself will determine the quality of your life, because your answers to those questions carve out what actions you take. These actions ultimately determine your future.” – Paul from Journaling

What you do consistently, is what you are remembered for. –> Therefore I want to be remember for great deeds.

I get answers by writing more, however, the biggest obstacle in my mind is overthinking, and when I started journaling, It seems I created many narratives ands tructures that were brought to my attention – my reality, putting gthem out of my mind and onto paper, – that didn’t exist. Therefore, whereas before, as I had nothing but love in my heart and forward momentum, I started imagining these negative storylines in the name of “wisdom” when in reality they were simply not true versions of the world at all.

Also, however, I get to mine deep within myself, like all of the greats before, me. Paul independently chose to look at all of these writers and saw that they write also.

I also get to keep writing, and keep my savage nature to myself as well. I won’t write triviatlities, obviously, and will write efficient, effective writing. Like WSP, and Victor Pride before me. I conquer, as it is in my nature.

The Beauty of what you teach, you become an expert, in skin in the game. I am very aware of what people upload and say, because they have put their name on it. So some options with the twitter is that I can choose to also go with an avatar, and if people copy me, well then it will most definitely come back around, whatever people post they contribute to and become more LEARNED, therefore I have to watch their psyches, and   like I wrote here, it might require more energy intuition, and work If I simply ignore a problem. I must tackle all of these things head on. I think Journaling, however writing here will help me with all of these answers.

What to journal? I a luckty to have been provided with so many of these questions! And prompts, I do not regret writing, I regret writing POORLY! And things with are untrue. I will make an effort only to write constructively. Also, I need to become an expert at what Mantas writes, also, I’ll be able to get into his mind just a lot more. I am angry with how much I have let him get away with in the name of “ The Happiness Advantage. -> Holy shit If I chase “happiness IE positivity, then I wont really feel as fulfilled, Mantas will get proportionally what I have given him.

Journaling is one of my metahabits and with it, this month I will improve my typing skills a couple minutes every day, I will increase my metacognition, I will.

Also I must, and have to respect my writing, and treat it with love, and only write strategies and things of which are importenct and help me. Much of this will help me to become more savage, ruthlessly, and effective at everything I do. I really need some W’s and I will get them, the efforts of the past, will not go unnoticed. I take full responsibility for my success, and I am absolutely certain that I will succeed. Also, since you did not fix problems in the past, they seem to now require a bit more work, get on it. You lead the way. I trust my gut, and know it will help me accomplish everything I need to.

I am glad that Kovas told me about the 1 and a half year separation, and I am glad that I am king progress, and that my mistakes are at least evidence that I am trying. I am Machievellian, Narrcisitic, psychopathic, and effective, and Delusionally confident, all of the time, and I know that that is what I am supposed to be doing. I can do this!

There is the possibility that I did not feel as much inspiration to implement the 30 day challenges into my routines for the sole focus of the fact that I didn’t really respect those guys, the smiles, and the weren’t politically as savy as I was, nor did they  have the best marketing or real me in like I absolutely know I could have, however, they gift of imperfection is a powerful on, and I am glad that I have such a freaking strong affect on people.

Once I am able to carve out a bit of time tomorrow, the 18th, I will be able to, keep track of all of the specific, and possible, even take 2 hours to just write, just free write about my feelings, get actually deep, in order to realign myself better with what I actually want.

I will choose some deep questions and then type, and get into them deeply, like I learned from Rapid learned, I am done Procrastinating, and this will help me get there. Some things I want to review today, Metavisceralization, incorporating senses into your metaphors, linking method using a chain, as well as a symbolically associating all things reprstneded in the link method, for example the firs tletter of the name.

Another thing I would like to point out would be, that I must commit to these goals ans systems in order to become better, also, All relationships from this point have a big suspect of simply, being mute, and everything is magnified because of the energy I am giving off in my profile, especially for my mother, and those closest to me. Solution? Don’t thik, just do. I will work harder and more effeiciently, do slosloy get better, I will ignore perfection and will only writ thigns that are important. I will use cognitive biases to my advantage.
          I am simply a way others feel good about themselves, meaning, It is better to completely accept this fact. Journalnig is very powerful. I am figuring out a way to catalog them, and spreadsheet my PMO.

Review of March 2019

Hello Again! A lot of changes since the New Year. Friends, Knowledge, Action taken, Big Burns. Women, Cooling. Cars, and Readings, a better organizational thinking. Spirituality. Friends, Family seems almost so far away.

A lot a lot of time spent in Chciago. I will without doubt live elsewhere, either Andrio, with the Dugals, or with Ivan.

I am imporving my uscles and mental strength.

The biggest change has been the knowledge, a deep knowledge of psychology, and Numerology, the language of the Gods. I don’t recognize the person I was a week and a half ago. That guy was bland, as a Libra, looking at the world as a system of numerology and Love and brain structure, the world just became a lot more spiritual.

A New power play from Kovas, probably thinking I am angry with him. I am excited to fufill my prophecy.
Knowing my sign, Libra, Loving balance, I have to remind myself that this is my life, I have to remind myself to care less about what other people think though I can usually sense exactly what they are thinking.

Maybe all of the time, I needed to care less, maybe I even at my best moments I could have been more, I could have reached even higher.

Maybe Matas, no matter what, will not be able to take my identity away from me, and that I will always be better than him. I will be able to embody these belefis, be these goals, be a person with an action mindset.

Unfortunately, I really can’t forget anything ever. my blessing and my curse.

Also, I am part of an ancient race of people who lived on Maldek, and my orgin planet is Venus. Which is awasome, there is nothing else I would have wanted, I am elegant and royal, in every fashion, and I’ve always known I’ve seen a couple moves a head of every one else, naturally. I have to. I have to keep the peace, for my own mental peace, for my own mental health. more planning and solution making and then execution.

If I am too scared to leave the group, that means I haven’t contributed enough.

I haven’t proved myself the alpha, and that is why people haven’t really come. I’ve really going to have to go through some pain, and just view it competetively, or just look at Mantas with Love.

I can personify the devil and be motivated by love. I also need to be a bit better at deep work, I mot definitely need to be better at deep work, I’ll take the WSP way, and do it literally first thin in the morning of uninterrupted work.

“The mornign swts the tone for the day, the night ritual sets the tone of the morning”

I hope to achieve at least 10x what I have achieved this last month also I really just need a change a scenery.

Prince to Pauper to Prince to Pauper

One thing that is great about me, is that losing everythign has given me the unique opportunity to build myself up from scratch at 23. The downside of losing everything, is that I realized, I am the absolute King of my enviroment, I was the Kingmaker, the most ambitious best looking person, and my only competetiion was a petty troll. One thing I did learn from ruthless self examination, is that you will most likley fall not from a konwn enemy, but from a backstabbing friend. “More Kings have fallen to the blades of freinds and family”

You are alone, the improvisation, realization, and overcoming of this phenomenon will lead you to millions.

“It is not man who has created the tallest buildings, the deepest discoveries, and the most glorious triumphs, it is civilzation itself. Man himself is just an ape”

Life is a game of pool. Yes, If you are playing man, i have to accept, and then forgive myself for the things that went wrong.

Also, I want to grow out my hair. I will not cut my hair anymore this year.

Time to make my dreams come true. I will grab my H, then take web design and video editing, and then start my travel blog, before the others.

Life is good. One day this year, After I make a lot of money, I want to host a party for all Twitter friedns and family, and make it big! and Fun!


Coming to the End of Jaunary, writing while listening to Vesitge https://soundcloud.com/vidas-kulbis ( soundcloud plug, yup!) Well This has been an interesting month in that I got a lot donw, just not exactly the stuff I was hoping to do! It appears I am in a stalemate lock on twitter, eading to snapchat, leading to all other social media and girls I like.

Also, the trouble with revealing yuor intelifence, even moreso helping out a friend/dfamily meember, is then they forever associaet the lessons and competetive spirit with you. While I really need to be 100% focused on my passion projects I ahave to fend off the minoins with displays of force wit, and street cred. NO easy task espcialy when its Kinght to E4 24/7.

A note on addiciton. IT can be overcome, and I have overcome it, very powerful to do it. I said I wanted to stop smoking JUUL, becauase it was fucking up with my rewards system, and I was right. But that is probably my biggest win of this freaking year so far.

Another note, on habits, I really, really wan to fight. Ican feel a warrier/boxer/wrestling vibe growing and growing, and though I have been battle tested (3 New york Croatians in one of New Yorks Clubs vs. Vidas.)

Man I really gotta get my shit together though, seriousyly, this is realy life and I cannot, will not lose my position. No way, not to these younglings, I was the one who taught them everything.

I can accomplsih anythign I want to with enough reps, and I can do whatever I want.

“Power is rearranging people’s beliefs in their minds” Somethign along those lines, but very true.

Power must constantly be maintained. So must status.

Fear is for frekaing loser and has just really really held me back.

Man a project, a plan, and a job ould go very, very far into helping me get my life together, the more action I take, the easier it will be to kee peverythig nin line, keep it in perspective no doubt.

I jus tneed the beleif that it will most definitely work out.

I need to take solid frekaing aciton, and peopel can sense your fear.

The solution to the book, the solution to the sharing of matas, is not fearing anything! being fearless is more important than being discplined, I have noticed, for discpline yes importnat but hard to focus on.

Also, if no one reads this quote from mother “you can’t control others actions” but oh… If you’re good enough.. you can! and I most defintiely have been for 22 years haha and I definitely will keep going! Its good to be King.

Logan Paul your lucky you got a head start, the proess to everythign is exactly the same. Wel then fuck literally everything else. I can choose to not fear anythigngoing forward. I picture myself still controlling everythig nin my enviroment.

Man, visualization is most defintely important. I wan to be an LA star already sheesh! Also I have found that visulaization and beliefs are certainly, and very, very important. Stopping skmoking = HUGE!

The Action will be take in the morning. This week will require fearless, so will this life, and literally anything else. Life is positioning sure. Best parts – Stopping JUULing – working out, the party – Girls Still being inetersted, The Video that is awesome!

Life is a menatl battle, procrastination is the dream killer, life doesn’t really change in that aspect.